About Us

Awamaki is a non-profit organization that works to economically empower Quechuan women and to preserve local crafts and traditional weaving techniques in the quaint town of Ollantaytambo, Cusco, Peru. 

Awamaki supports local community development and traditional Andean craftsmanship through three distinct programs: Sustainable Tourism, Fair Trade Artisan Cooperatives, and Community Education. While all three programs help to create additional economic opportunities within the greater Ollantaytambo community, the Sustainable Tourism Program is unique in that it directly benefits locals who would otherwise lack access to the opportunities afforded by the expanding tourism industry.

Awamaki's Sustainable Tourism Program is specifically geared to provide meaningful cultural experiences that meet the desires of present tourists and local Ollantino families, while simultaneously protecting and enhancing sustainable tourism options for the future. Awamaki encourage visitors to use services that benefit our host communities; stay with a local family, visit a neighboring Quechua community, discover the secrets of traditional Andean cooking, study the art of basket weaving, or learn about the natural dye process used for Awamaki’s textile production! In doing so, visitors help the locals to embody and preserve the Quechuan knowledge and practice of Andean traditions.

By promoting cultural and educational tourism to those passing through Ollantaytambo, Awamaki offers travelers a unique insight into the beauty and simplicity of the Andean lifestyle. Yet more importantly, Awamaki's programs provide local indigenous women and low-income families with an additional source of income so that they can better support themselves and their families.